We Could Be Heroes


This is a moment in time that will be going down in the history books.

This is our Great Fire of London. This is our World War II.

This is our time to make a difference to the way we live and support our high streets both ONLINE and IN REAL LIFE.

From this point on, it's up to you.

Massive legends shop small and the benefits are clear

  • Individual  
  • No queues
  • Personal
  • Unrivalled product knowledge
  • Connection to your community
  • Lifeline for those with more specific needs 
  • Amazing customer service 
  • Unusual one off pieces
  • Local circular economic support  

personal shopping

If you wanna be safe, grey, bland, a bit of a stop reading now. Sorry if I insult anyone but we need people with courage. This will never go back to normal.There is no normal anymore. Given time this will be better (or if not better then a good kind of different) and I'm sure everyone will come to see this eventually. We are all sensitive to this issue and I'm sure understand that some are in a better position than others  - and its bloody tough! -  but the only way the phoenix can rise is if we all pull together and help support each other as much as we possibly can.

be big shop small

If nothing else lockdown has proved how agile, flexible and down right resilient small businesses can be. No more red tape, no more excuses, its time to change NOW.

In the words of David Bowie - "We Could be Heroes", so start acting like one, put on your cape and get out there, the worlds a pretty impressive place you just have to be brave enough to fly against the wind for a bit and guess what we're all behind you!

Check out for local shop listings, and for inspiration @hollytucker and @justacard over on insta has got some pretty fine ideas

From me. To you xoxo


Header image thanks to my lovely friend Jo @babynicosworld