About us


Hey,I’m Nicky.

Five years ago I moved to Frome with my family and the welcome we got was nothing but warm and genuine.

Frome is like the perfect partner – independent, fresh and a bit cheeky. The sense of community and support here is unrivalled and so after running businesses in London for over 10 years and working in Bath for four years, I felt it was about time I gave something back to the place that tugs at my heart.

Currently riding a crest of popularity Frome has been voted...

  • ‘Most stylish place in the UK 2018’ by Harper's Bazaar
  • ‘Best place to live 2018’ by The Times
  • ‘Community champion’ by The Guardian

This is the right time to launch Fromie and show off to the world what a fab town this is!

How it works

We know that you love to wander round markets and support independents, but the logistics of parking, picking, wrapping and posting is often a headache.

We aim to showcase the suppliers in Frome by working in a truly collaborative manner. Fromie curates exclusive gift boxes that champion these guys and the fab products they produce.

With Fromie gifts online you can buy themed boxes at 3 price points (supported by Shopify and Royal Mail) and have it sent to your chosen recipient in a couple of clicks. You can even do it in your pants, we won’t judge, promise!!

Fun, modern and beautifully packaged, we include a personalised card as well as the supplier’s info that relates to the gifts in your chosen box. Go ahead, stalk them on Instagram and get to know them a little bit better, they won’t mind!

Bricks and mortar

Fromie is opening its doors to the public with its very own permanent showroom here in Frome at the bottom of Catherine Hill on Stony Street.

We will be offering a complete wrapping and postal service for any gift, (purchased from anywhere) using a next day delivery service.

You can pick and order your gift boxes in store and check out our chosen Supplier of the Month.

We will also be offering a variety of practical workshops throughout the year.

We’re open Tues – Sat / 10-5pm and on the first Sunday of every month for the Frome Independent Market, where the inspiration for this business began.

Considered, curated, collaborative - We’ve got Frome all wrapped up.