Top 5 Ethical Stocking Fillers

Good stocking filler? If someone says feet  - well you must be a Dad aged 45 or over! Bad jokes aside, stocking fillers can feel a bit pointless sometimes can't they? Yes they're fun and easy to buy, but do they actually mean anything?

In an age when lots of us are actively trying consume less, is there an argument that it's all just a waste of money?

Well yes, and also no! When I was a kid it was all about the stocking - I think my Mum kept getting me and my brother stockings until we were about 30. 15 years later I still secretly wish she'd suddenly produce one from behind the sofa!

My point is, it's an emotional nostalgia thing, and doing away with it may just be downright cruel after the year we've all had.

So actually I guess my question is: Can we buy better?

Here's my top 5 ethical stocking fillers options in and around Frome.

1: Denude  - No waste shop in Frome that stocks bamboo toothbrushes to freshly made peanut butter and everything in between.

denude a no waste shop in frome window display

2: Fromie Gift Card - Recyclable experiential gift card, that can be used in 12 Frome venues including the cinema and the barbers! Valid for 6 months.

fromie gift card with map for use in frome venues

3: Good Honey Company - Simple organic food wraps and jars of delicious honey from local Somerset beekeeper Millie.

beeswax wraps from somerset

4: Lucy Litchfield - Queen of sustainable in soap and bath bomb form.

nourish organic bath bomb with seaweed

5: Loud Mouth Coffee Multipack - Roasted and ground in recyclable bags from local legend Ellen and team at the Riverhouse Cafe in Frome.

Loud mouth coffee selection box

And if you don't like any of those then a clementine and nuts it is! 

Happy (ethical) shopping folks

From me. To you