The C Word

The C word can mean so many things.

It can be controversial, funny, devastating - but my C word is COMMUNITY. 

It's also collaboration, connection...and I'm in retail so of course it has to be about Christmas!

Earlier this month we had the pleasure of welcoming 91 Magazine to our shop,  who are all about encouraging collaboration and connecting people. The team visited Frome for their 'Seek Inspire Create Event'. Invited, were 10 business owners and creative types from all over the UK to gather, understand and support local talent. As well as us, they visited Frome Hardware, Kobi and Teal, Resident and Pilea They also got to spend a day with a tribe of people they could be inspired by and learn from, outside of the Instagram bubble! Judging from the happy faces I think a great day was had by all. The team at 91 work so hard to stylishly bring indies together, and we just think they're ace. Go check 'em out!   

91 Magazine seek inspire create event in Frome

Carrying on the shopping theme, as Christmas draws ever closer its important that we take time to consider what we buy and who we buy from. Not only is it just damn COOL to buy ethically, sustainably and locally; but Amazon certainly won't provide raffle prizes for your kids school, sponsor community facilities or have a friendly face or a listening ear when it counts.

Frome is famous for it's independents and sense of community. Each retailer here has a unique selling point that makes them special. That's ALSO what makes the Frome Gift Card so great! It's 13 reasons to explore eating, drinking and getting out and about - locally.

fromie gift card and venues     

It's so important to feel connected. Its a basic human need and really , who are we without it?  Loneliness at this time of year is more common than you would think. In true Frome style there is a Big Christmas Get Together lunch for anyone who is on their own or would like company on the 25th Dec  - here's the link .

Do you know anyone who would benefit? Pass it on, if not don't worry, you can still buy a T towel designed by Yung and Edventure from Fromie Gifts for just £9.50 -  with proceeds going towards funding the lunch!

Edventure T towel

So help out,lend an ear, spend wisely and let's connect with our community.

Just look at what the folks at Just A Card are achieving!

It's not difficult, it just takes a bit of thought and a lot of love.

From me. To you xx