Sensitivity with Sense

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Tomorrow the Wear it Pink campaign kicks into gear and you may well be planning on supporting those with cancer in your own way. I hope it goes brilliantly and you raise loads of money. You guys astound me!

pink cupcakes

At Fromie Gifts we wanted to explore the best way to send a little comfort to those who may be needing something to lift their spirits. Maybe they have just been diagnosed, be going through chemo, or be part of a family going through the horrible journey together. How do you show you care and you're thinking about them without being patronising or insensitive?

Even the big names of the high street are making collaborations that count. Vans have got some cool designs in tones of pink and even better, you can buy Vans from our very own Gent in Frome. You know we love to shop local!

Having had personal experience of this with my Auntie, and doing plenty of research I found magazines are always good for boredom and pamper items are always welcome. Buying someone a Fromie Gift Card to have their nails done, or a gift box filled with aromatherapy goodies would be perfect. And if you're looking for something a bit more punchy, what about this 'Handmaid's Tale' keyring from my new supplier Literary Emporium. After all cancer is a pretty big bastard!

 handmaids tale keyring

Socks, soft face towels and soothing balms all tick the comfort box, and who doesn't like a hot drink on a cute tray to remind them they'e loved.

little herbs soothing salve pot Asta Barrginton Love Tray  bohobo and face towel gift box Hugs gift box

Whatever you go with, it's better to do something than nothing. Show them you are there and you care. It doesn't have to be tricky just treaty - ahh come on, it is Halloween soon too! 

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