I've been thinking about hands.

We use them for so many things; creating, cleaning, caring, connecting, showing solidarity, touching, communicating, typing... you get the picture!

In a time like this when we can't hug or touch friends and loved ones, we've been using the internet to connect, and I think most of you would agree that this  is key to survival. There are new advances in tech all the time, and it's these advances that have enabled so many of us to pivot and adapt to the new challenges we've all faced this year. On one hand this is hugely exciting, and on the other, completely horrifying!

The challenge will always be 'making machines personal' 

We need to find the balance. Until that point, we need to understand the need for community and reaching out.

Personal touch points are imperative for survival in this strange new world.

I'm certainly not overly educated in these things, but as long as there is a common thread of connection, I think we will be ok. 

So please keep reaching out and touching the lives of others, let's connect in positive ways to enable a brighter future and give hope to our kids and future generations . Whenever possible, support local businesses, use local services, spend your money in your local community, and open your eyes to what's going outside your bubble so that we can all help each other in such testing times.

It's amazing what we can overcome by simply taking it day at a time. There has never been a time to more kind to yourself and to others. We can do this!

Together we are stronger. 

Together, with our communities, we can survive and thrive in 2021.

Big hugs from me to you 


Cover pic credit: The impressive @0waisriaz - check his work out, he is so clever at connecting the dots and visualising through typography.