Panic it's Christmas!

Panic it's Christmas!! Well no, it's not  - not yet anyway.

The central emotion of 2020 i thnk you'll agree has been fear.

Christmas is the latest victim to it's power, and there is an overriding feeling that we are being pushed into panic buying even earlier this year. I keep hearing things like:

1. They're running out of boxes!!

(recycling anyone?)

2. We're going into a second lockdown!!!

(we've done it once we can do it again)

3. It's not safe to go into town because of all the people that could be asymptomatic, so you have to do everything online!!!

(well thank god for technology)

To be honest it's a horrendous way to live, puts us under even more monetary pressure to make ends meet and triggers anxiety for so many - my advice is take it easy - we've got time! And different or less doesn't mean awful; it just means different.

So shop independent, locally if possible, and get searching on insta... support those who are in desperate need of your help rather than Primark and Amazon, and let's just get on with it shall we!

Fromie Gifts will be doing a number of personal Xmas gift boxes but I'm going to save those until next month, and in the meantime I'd love you to check out these fab people who you may not know about - because Xmas is all about sharing.

The Soft Sculptor  - Kate Talbot

Her hand painted masks are comedy gold

the soft sculptor face mask


Cub and Pudding

Unisex kids leggings, dungas and jumpers in the softest cotton

3 kids wearing cub and pudding dungarees


Quinton Chadwick

Finest Lambswool winter wear, spun in Scotland and Yorkshire

jumper in mustard and blush


Button and Squirt

Kids animal fact cards that will blow your mind

animal fact cards


What The Mood

Colourful, Contemporary, Sustainable lighting 

cool yellow and white light fixture


What fab companies could you share with your friends?

Let's take a breather and chill - it's only September after all.

From me. To you 


Blog header image by Camilla Rose Signwriter