Kindness is a Movement

  'Kindness is a Movement'

I read this somewhere the other day and it struck a chord – I can’t remember where, or at what point, I moved on, soz !!
Back in the day I used to be a professional dancer and from my training and experience I understand that any movement always starts with a breath…. even when you're three and saggy bottomed and your point is not 'on point' 
little girl in ballet pose
We all need to breathe to survive, so why do we become more static and stuck in our ways as we get older? We’re still breathing so why have we stopped moving?
Does standing still actually achieve anything or just make us feel safe in our own environment?
If we all crave solutions, answers, and peace (and this is all I seem to be talking about with friends and fellow business buddies at the moment) it seems clear that in order to rectify this static problem we need to stop observing and start taking action.
That action can start with one person – who's feeling brave?
One person to act with intention.
One person to do something kind.
One person to share knowledge and information.
One person to be friendly, generous, considerate.
One person to use their time and resource to better the lives of others.
One person to inspire others to bring about change.
One person to create a ripple effect.
One person to lead a movement for change.
If I’m honest I think we all know that one person already and guess what, it’s probably you...
or any of the people you went out with in the last month or two!!
 group of women in flow bar frome
So be brave, keep moving and keep being kind, because it means so much to so many.
As a community we are stronger, we can bring about change and support each other.
If kindness is at the core of our intention, then Frome is an army that’s moving in the right direction.
frome kindness festival badges
Learn more about kindness and the Frome Kindness Festival HERE
Support local businesses HERE.
Support Ukraine communities HERE
Be kind, support local and connect with your community.
From me. To you 
Catherine Hill Frome Community Party