In This Together

The power of small is mighty, and I for one firmly believe that together, people can achieve great things. You should never be afraid to join forces to push your vision forward, because if you haven't guessed it already, you don't know everything!

Having the opportunity to join the Small Business Inspirator team at this month is something that in September I never would've thought possible. 

Other chosen inspirators have a much larger following than I. Other inspirators have been going for longer. Other inspirators have hugely successful businesses in areas I know nothing about. But I guess our common thread, is the ability to communicate with our audience in an authentic manner, with a message that resonates. We all know the old adage 'people buy from people', so what better way to grow awareness or build a brand than sharing a message through like minded people, who just get it!

Holly Tucker knows this in spades and well, here we all are!

holly tucker small business inspirator rosette

Running a business is often a lonely journey, and I know that many of us turn to podcasts at all hours of the day or night to learn from, be inspired by, and hopefully grow as individuals through listening to other peoples journeys.

My favourite listen from Holly's #podcastsofinspiration was from Will Beckett, Founder of Hawksmoor Restaurants and general all round nice guy.

Before Somerset and Fromie Gifts were but a twinkle in my eye; my previous business was a large UK wide hair and makeup agency that I founded in 2006 - the same year that Will opened his first Hawksmoor restaurant on Commercial Street in Shoreditch. At that time Shoreditch (where we also had our studio and office) was gritty and energetic, and had a tenacity that I felt at home with. 

Businesses were making the most of everything available and there was a real sense of community. We were all in it together. 

never give up quote

So even though our current business models are very different, the core has a similar gravitas and his relaxed considered honesty spoke clearly to me.  Amongst other nuggets of wisdom during the podcast, he said:

  • You must make mistakes in order to make good. 
  • You must be brave enough to build the things that others question.
  • You must know your strengths and weaknesses and be OK with that.
  • Nice, casual and happy are not bad words.

Will re enforced the idea that a clear core value is key to the 'new normal' - but having the flexibility to change is the key to survival.

This soundbite is the same for every small indie business at the moment, and I guess it's this inclusivity that binds us all together.

So let's support each other, let's #shopsmall this Christmas and let's keep fighting until we get through to the other side.

And if you want to be inspired go check out the podcast and grab your own slice of 'YES!'

From me. To you