How To Get Customers...And Keep Them!

 Here's My 5 Top Tips on How to Keep your Customers

Honestly, as a newbie to full time retail I feel like a bit of an imposter and am a bit nervous about being on the panel discussion, as undoubtedly there may well be questions I just don’t have the answers to. But, from previous experience working as a creative freelancer, founding and running a nationwide agency and working in digital business development; I feel I have enough tools in my armoury to pack a pretty big punch when it comes to selling in an age when no one wants to buy!

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1: Know WHY you do what you do

Not what but why.

Be honest, what got you on this crazy path in the first place? Keep going back to that. If it’s no longer relevant ask yourself those big scary questions. If it’s no longer a passion, why bother?

Honestly. Why bother? This stuff it hard work.

2: Know who you are selling to  

Everyone’s favourite, 'Millennials’ or just general people age 25-55 is not enough.

Your vibe attracts your tribe.

Know what keeps those people up at night, if they have kids, what time they have a chance to chill, where they go on holiday etc etc.

Most importantly know how your solutions fits their needs and why they might choose you over other options.

3: Don’t be a one trick pony

"Build it and they will come" ...eerrrr no they won’t!

Back in my dancing days I made sure I was a triple threat and could sing, dance and act to equal ability – it worked, and I worked for 10 years.That was no mean feat.

When I was a makeup artist, I quickly realised that being as good at hair was as important as my makeup skills. It worked, and in turn I worked for 10 years whilst building a London agency, a team of over 300 and a business of 25 franchisees.That was no mean feat.

Spot the trend?? Diversity = Longevity

Spreading out doesn’t mean spreading thin, just attack things from a different angle.

Fromie Gifts works in three streams: Ecommerce, bricks and mortar, and corporate contract gifting. The percentages for this pie will ebb and flow as my business grows but I feel comfortable knowing that If one thing is temporarily suffering, I have 2 others to balance it out.

Putting your eggs in one basket is plain stupid in this economic climate.

Even if you do and it works, and you ‘win’ for a bit, it will be short lived. So keep looking for diversity. I found the best opportunities come from places and people you least expect, so keep all those doors open.

fromie gift founder giving gift box to huner french


4: Be transparent. When selling, trust is key

Be positive, honest and make people feel like you have their best interests at heart.

People buy from people it’s that simple. Build trusting relationships, do a great job, show you care about your customer and they will instinctively want to use you over others.

Oh, and don’t rip people off for the sake of a few quid- they will always find out and will always get it cheaper elsewhere next time.

Play the long game – it’s like a marriage, yes it can be hard, but the rewards can be incredible.


frome independent market people

5: Be nice and communicate well

Whether that’s by phone, email, face to face, social media or advertising the choice is yours- no likes to be kept in the dark.

How many delayed trains have you been on, whilst internally screaming, “but why are we delayed and how long will it be before we move again???”

If you give people the information good or bad, they can process it in their own time and act accordingly, if they don’t understand you or your brand or lack of response to a complaint, they will get bored, leave and never look back. Full stop.

So here’s me, being nice and saying have a great weekend, and check out our current boxes on line as they wont be around for long - new gift boxes coming next month! I’ll keep you updated on Instagram. Oh, and tell all your friends about us - sharing is caring folks!!


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