Fromie Gifts is Moving Online

In 2018 I created Fromie Gifts. A space on the high street and online that champions and supports 35 Frome makers and suppliers.

shop door

Now in 2020, I need to open a new door and it's time to move lock, stock and barrel to ONLINE ONLY. Even though it's not perfect, It's the positive and obvious choice for our future.

I've always been a forward thinking kinda gal. For those of you that know me, you'll know that I'm not afraid of change. Collaboration, connection and community are my jam. I've always trusted my gut and done things differently. And I can safely say, that at the grand old age of 43, I have NO regrets. 

Covid has meant a huge upheaval to many of us, but it has also given us time to flex, and think about how we move forward and respond to the new. The online side of my business has seen a huge surge, going beyond what I thought was previously achievable and my 3 year plan has just been blown out of the water. So THANK YOU SO MUCH  to all those who have supported me. People make time for what matters to them - so thanks for listening to my stories, supporting this amazing community of makers and generally showing up when it counts. You are all stars!

frome community

The Fromie Gift shop has been a true platform for for the Frome community. As well as a space for selling, it's hosted community events and workshops for adults and kids alike. I'm so proud of how it found it's place, and I think the brand has truly found a voice of it's own, particularly in this little corner of Somerset. I love showing off about 'Everything Frome' to everyone that cares to listen and will continue to do this loudly online too!

91 magazine event in frome

My gift boxes will be tweaked a bit to reflect my bestsellers, posting options will be FREE LOCAL DELIVERY or a simple £3 charge. And I will pour my heart and soul into the online side of my business, whilst keeping my corporate clients and pootling around on my local daily deliveries!

Online may not be as personal (that is true) and continuing to #shoplocal is imperative for our high streets survival. But for those who aren't ready to be flung back into the real world just yet, online is safe, convenient and easy.

Let me know if there is anything lacking or I can do better, and I'll jump on it.

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Times are a changing, but it's all good...

My Dad once gave me a card that said 'if there's no wind, row'

Well I'm getting my paddles out.

From me. To you