Fresh Thinking for 2020

Welcome to 2020  - So we're nearly 3 weeks in and doesn't it feel like the longest month in the history of the world?!  As a retailer, Xmas is so all consuming and frantic that January is an enourmous contrast and tricky to manage mentally, as well as financially.

I always try to use this time as wisely as I can, to get through my 'to do' lists and plan a solid stratedgy for the coming year. I'm not anal about sticking to it, but it gives me the sense of purpose and drive I need to power me through the down times. In branding they always tell you to go back to the beginning, back to your 'why', so that's exactly what I plan to do! 

branding for business

As we all know footfall is continuing to to slow on the UK's high streets, and in order to combat this we need to think outside the box. Fromie Gifts has always tried to be a triple threat, incorporating online, corporate and bricks and mortar.

Working in the shop every day it's actually really tricky to fully immerse myself in the corporate and online side of things - SEO takes time and effort, and not all business heads will want to come to your shop for a meeting. Time is my most valuable asset - but it's something I seriously lack.

2020 is the year to free up that time pushing for growth and showcasing my suppliers in a more focussed manner. SO, whilst I am busy behind the scenes, I'm offering my shop space as an exclusive platform for a few of my makers to showcase their brand under the Fromie Gifts banner. Starting in April and running til July I will be showcasing a single supplier in the shop each month.

fromie gifts shop door

I'm a firm believer in putting your money where your mouth is, and in giving my suppliers this platform, I hope it will bring them more sales, greater brand awareness, and give them the ability to really learn who their customer is first hand.

Similar to the 'Appear Here' and 'Clicks and Mortar' movement we see in bigger UK cities, Fromie Gifts has always been about community, and I for one believe opportunity should be for all of us, not just the lucky few. 

So join me in wishing my makers good luck for their pop up months and the opportunites that may come out of it. 

Fromie Gifts will continue to trade online and supply it's corporate clients as normal, and Fromie Gift Cards will be available to buy from the shop,online and on social.

Happy 2020  - May it be successful for us all!

From me. To you xx