Flippin' Heck Frome!

Nearly missed it -  Flippin' heck that was a close one blog police!!

You'd think I'd be more prepared, but every year February always seems to fly by after the drudgery of January.

You'd also think I had better pancake jokes, but nope sorry.

This month has certainly been a busy one, cards and pressies for Valentines Day, kids and adults alike guzzling pancakes, and specifically for Frome, it marks the  Window Wanderland Weekend, An event that lights up our local streets with it's magical walking trail of light and discovery. (Can you tell I nicked that copy off the flier, haha!)

In reality, taking part in this event means there is a lot of Sellotape, swearing and non intentional tissue paper tearing - but do you know what? I really think it is worth it. It's a great community event that really brings people together. Frome is such a creative hub and it's refreshing to see that shine through the gloom of our post Brexit situation. It's that colourful spirit that is one of the very reasons I love living and working in this Somerset town. I also need to mention and say thank you to Post Script who are opposite me on Stony Street, for all their crafting goodies, without whom my window certainly wouldn't have been possible.

fromie gifts window wanderland

My window design is the map of central Frome, and has a cheeky little circle to showcase my Frome Gift Card that will hopefully help turn this slow economy around.

This card can now be used in 14 different locations around Frome and it's proving very popular both instore and online. If we all work together and keep supporting local amenities we have got the power to change the status quo. So keep buying these little bad boys because it's working!

Talking of support, I for one can never thank my Mum enough for her support with countless things, so in the spirit of Mother's Day we have some fab NEW bits in  - have a look in the shop and online. There's gin, chocolate, candles from Monty Hop and gin  - did I say gin??

frome gin

Feeling the pinch? Not to worry...a card means just as much and we have these fab 'I owe you' card from @paper_and_things. I love Kirsty's take on life, she's so clever! Check her out on Instagram.

mothers day card

So do come in - have a nosey, have a natter, click and collect or have me post it all to you in a cute gift box. However you choose to shop and support your local community of shopkeepers, keep doing it and we in turn will do lots of little happy dances all over the place!

Spring is coming...I promise.

From me. To you