5 Top Tips to create the Perfect Mother's Day Gift

Mothers day gift of chocolate, candle and Bath bomb

People often say to me,  "Oh, you're so good at putting things together", and for some part I guess this is down to natural ability.

But actually its more about balance. 

Single elements can be worth nothing, but combined they suddenly tell us a story.Think about important artworks. Be it Old Masters, a Banksy or even an animated film. One single item can come across as flat. But add detailed background, a decent frame, music, or the right positioning on a wall and suddenly it conveys a different message. I'm always banging on about how, 'together we are stronger' but the same is true of most gifts.

A couple of well chosen items, that have been beautifully wrapped, packaged and sent with a perfect gift card shows you care, and more importantly, taken time. And what is a more valuable gift than that?

So here's my 5 Top Tips to building your Perfect Mother's Day Gift

1. Ask yourself a question: Is your Mum practical ,arty, foodie or in need of a break?...Chances are she's at least one.

2 Well this Mum is in need of a break! So pick your main item, for this example let's choose a candle. Take note of the packaging and its scent. 

3. Choose a smaller complimentary product that matches it, or is similar looking (for example something from the same range) or maybe has the same kind of smell  -  this might be a lipbalm or aromatherapy roller.

4. Then choose your last item. Things in 3's are always good! It's all about giving her a break, so choose a bath bomb or a lavender sleep spray or some luxury chocolate that she can't find down Sainsburys on her weekly shop. Again, be aware of trying to match the style to make it feel cohesive.

5. Wrap everything in tissue paper. Use luxury things like fabric ribbons and hand printed tags and cards. Put it in a box - everyone likes to open a gift box! If  you think about big makeup brands and tech companies, they are all about the psychology of packaging and therefore generally have great boxes!

PS: If you can be there to watch her open it, that makes everything that much sweeter. Oh by the way, you rock at presents now - congratulations!

Look out for my next top tips on what to buy kids instead of chocolate at Easter in the next blog.

 x Nicky