5 Comfort Gifts Under £25

Covid-19 is here to stay - for a bit at least and having been in lockdown for a week I can only sympathise how tough it must be for those who have been self isolating for a lot longer than that already.

In times such as these, it's really important to show others that you care and that you're thinking of them, and so many of you have already been doing this! Being sent a comfort gift in the post as a surprise is the most lovely thing and really makes peoples day. So thank you from all of us. You are not only supporting your friends and family but 35 Frome suppliers and Fromie Gifts to boot! 

When our independent shops are closed the online business is vital in keeping us afloat for the long run - the big chains can take the strain, but we can't, so it really is a case of use it or lose it folks!

I know we're all watching our pennies, so here's 5 gifts from us at Fromie Gifts under £25 that you can buy online at and have sent to your loved ones with ease anywhere in the UK.

1: Lost in Lockdown -£10

Know someone who's missing their local - make them feel better with this beer and nuts combo. Award winning and tasty, what's not to love? beers and nuts

2: Artisan Gin - £20

Using the finest organic botanicals and locally grown watercress this small batch London dry gin from Frome is perfect with tonic, ice and a big wedge of lime.

artisan frome gin

3: Tea and Sympathy  - £15 

Do what the English do best in times of crisis and have a cup tea! Make sure it's done properly in a bone china Frome A-Z mug filled with gorgeous loose leaf breakfast tea from Moo and Two.

tea and mug

4: Shake it Off  - £25 

If you're going to be at home for the foreseeable future you'll probably be doing a lot of cooking so make the experience a bit more luxurious with this smoked sea salt and black pepper and a beautifully illustrated hand screen printed bee tea towel.

salt and pepper and t towel

5: Sleepless in Somerset  - £20.00

Losing sleep over Covid? This may help. Cult Frome favourite, this organic lavender sleep spray really works and will have you drooling in no time. Use along side the peace out aromatherapy roller during the day to keep that sense of calm in all the crazy.

sleep spray and calming roller